National Breastfeeding & Chestfeeding Month

From the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women desk

August is National Breastfeeding & Chest-feeding Month. Join CSVANW & other organizations this month as we honor the healthy relationships that begin at birth and the building of strong emotional connection between parent and infant, a bond which lasts a lifetime.

As we continue to support each other through the COVID-19 pandemic and as we collectively heal and remember all the Indigenous children we lost at residential schools we encourage all our relatives to nourish and protect our future at all times! We are showing up for our communities in many ways to keep them safe and healthy.

Our Indigenous children are valuable, sacred, & critical to our future. We must protect, love, listen to & believe our Indigenous children!

Join us in supporting and honoring healthy relationships that begin at birth by following us on social media and re-sharing our posts/articles. Share with us on social media, or emailing us, how you and your community are nourishing and protecting all Black and Indigenous babies!

Together we must nourish and protect our beautiful Black and Indigenous babies!

Also remember, wearing a mask and practicing sanitary measures, i.e. handwashing, is a healthy practice to ensure our Indigenous communities are guarded against the COVID-19 pandemic.